The new generation punching tools

State of the art

  • Punch and cutting plate are each made from one component
  • In case of wear: exchange of individual components is not possible
  • Punch and cutting plate must always both be completely remanufactured and exchanged at great expense
  • Components must always be re-centered in relation to each other after replacement

The consequences:

  • High time requirement = Long waiting time
  • Large amount of material required = High cost
  • Large amount of waste = Waste of resources

The innovative solution

ST Industries has completely rethought and optimized the punching tool. The revolutionary new design from ST Industries is

  • more sustainable
  • time-saving and
  • more cost-effective

than the previous, commercially available products.

What has been optimized?

  • The punch and cutting plate are designed so that individual components are interchangeable.
  • Both punch and cutting plate then consist of two components each, thus creating a base body and a base plate.
  • A base body with an existing centering collar and a cutting ring replaces the former punch.
  • This centering collar automatically brings the cutting ring to the correct position and centers it.
  • This eliminates the need for manual alignment of the two components to each other when replacing the cutting ring and the die.
  • The principle can be applied to all formats (round, square, etc.).

Perfection in detail

All our components are measured and recorded with high precision in the air-conditioned measuring room. Where precision matters, a temperature-constant environment is a very important quality factor.

The advantages

For new production

  • Eliminates the cutting plate by a base plate with a die
  • The die is therefore individually replaceable in case of wear
  • The punch is replaced by a base plate with a cutting ring
  • The cutting ring is also individually replaceable in case of wear

You save time, costs and resources.

When converting an existing punching die

  • Material is removed from the surface of the existing cutting plate and new centering holes and mounting holes are made for the new replaceable die.
  • For future repairs, only this die is exchanged, the reworked cutting plate (new base plate) remains in place.
  • The base plate is remade once with the cutting ring and thus replaces the former punch.
  • For future repairs, only the cutting ring is exchanged, the basic body remains.
  • The base body is positioned once, screwed and pinned.

When converting hardened cutting rings in existing cutting plate

  • Original hardened cutting rings are only screwed into the cutting plate and not centered.
  • Cutting rings and cutting plate have been designed to be brought into the correct position by a centering collar. This eliminates the need for manual alignment of the two components when replacing the cutting ring on top and bottom tools.
  • For future repairs, only the cutting ring is replaced - the base body remains in place.
  • The base body is brought into position once, screwed and pinned.

Your advantages at a glance

Low time requirement = Fast commissioning
Low material requirements = Low costs
Low waste = Resources are saved
Easy installation = No outside technician needed